Neon White Mac OS X

Neon White, which you can enjoy now on your iMac & Macbook, is a video game that has made a space for itself in the independent panorama, rising above expectations. Either because it has an intriguing concept or because of its crazy style, between anime and visual novel, the end result was able to convince and surprise from start to finish. Developed by the talent of Angel Matrix and Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive, Neon White Mac OS X is not an ordinary game.

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Neon White Mac OS X

Neon White Mac OS – INFOS –

» Playable on Macbook and iMac computers «

» Online features: NO «

» Edition: STANDARD «

» Age Rating: 12+ «

» Last download: September 28th, 8:38 «

Before you think about being in front of the game to finish and get out of there, know that this title is not intended for something like that. In this sense, the exciting scenario of Neon White for Mac entertains and offers, in addition to different views of the game world, also an excellent perspective on the NPCs with which we interact. In this way, we will know better what revolves around this lush and full of light world, although in fact, it is sad and suffering.

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Among these elements, the visual novel style of Neon White Mac OS X stands out, which allows you to enjoy an excellent representation of the events on the screen by living them directly. A note of merit is all contained in White’s character who, once known and studied better, proves mature and convincing. In conclusion, Neon White Mac OS X is a platform first-person shooter for macOS, with a fun and stimulating game structure, representing a unique product of its kind.

Neon White Mac OS X

Mature and captivating, the title is the demonstration of how much a work built with intelligence in a saturated market can say its word, surpassing even certain noble productions. It’s yet another point scored by Annapurna Interactive, who seems to haven’t missed a single shot lately. Download this game from the button below and enjoy it!

Neon White
-macOS Sys Req –

  • OS: macOS 10.14
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD 5750 (tested&running on both M1 and M2 chips)
  • HDD: 6 GB
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Download file Neon White.dmg

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