Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS X

For some time now, PlayStation has decided to broaden its horizons by opening itself up to the possibility of publishing its games on personal computers using digital stores. Stores like Steam and the Epic Games Store, with which a strong partnership is underway. Recently, Sony has taken another step towards this new path, with the release on PC of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The title was developed by Insomniac Games originally for the PlayStation 4 and later re-proposed in a full version of DLC and improved for PS5 and, now, also on PC. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS X immediately catapults us into the skin of a Spider-Man already accustomed to the life of a superhero, but with a weak balance between the hero and Peter Parker.

Download file Spider-Man Remastered.dmg

Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS X

Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS – INFOS –

» Playable on Macbook and iMac computers «

» Online features: NO «

» Edition: STANDARD «

» Age Rating: 16+ «

» Last download: September 28th, 9:12 «

His house is always in disarray, he’s always late for work, and not all things are great. Even in the role of the superhero, peace begins to unravel after arresting Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin. This is one of the greatest lords of Crime in New York, a new threat of seemingly mystical origin hovering over the city. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS X narrative component manages to attract attention thanks to a balance dictated by well-written dialogues and well-crafted scenes. Overall, this is the best Spider-Man story ever designed for a video game.

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Its longevity, which is around 20 hours, is well thought out, never-ending in that typical feeling of boredom, usually noticed towards the end of an adventure. Some twists will excite you, and others will surprise you, but in the end, you will still be extremely pleased with this new adventure of Peter Parker. There aren’t many games like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS X, and there really should be more!

Spider-Man Remastered Mac OS X

Each aspect of this action-adventure game for Mac has its own identity and is built to be able to convey what Spider-Man has always transmitted through comics and movies. The Remaster version does nothing but take the already excellent Spiderman and turn him into a hero ready to enrage us with his reflections and his renewed Manhattan. Marvel’s Spider-man does not waste time, swings with his canvas, breaks windows and fights criminals. Download the game from the button below and you’ll see!

Spider-Man Remastered
-macOS Sys Req –

  • OS: macOS 10.13
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 950 or AMD Radeon RX 470 (tested&running on both M1 and M2 chips)
  • HDD: 47 GB
DISCLAIMER: In order to get your game you must complete a proof-of-human verification. It is as simple as possible, so proceed now with the download by clicking the button below. Thank you!



Download file Spider-Man Remastered.dmg

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