Evil West Mac OS X [FULL GAME] for Mac Download

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Evil West Mac OS X

At The Game Awards 2021, the guys from Flying Wild Hog revealed Evil West‘s first gameplay video. That’s when we learned a lot of juicy details about the shooter aimed at reinterpreting the American border’s myth into a steampunk key. In Evil West Mac OS X, a dark threat slowly consumes the American frontier.  The survival of the human race is endangered by vampires, demons, and other monstrosities.

Evil West Mac OS X

Evil West Mac OS – INFOS –

» Playable on Macbook and iMac computers «

» Online features: YES «

» Edition: STANDARD «

» Age Rating: 18+ «

» Last download: February 3rd, 20:21 «

The last line of defense meant to protect humanity from monsters emerging from darkness is represented by the agents of a top-secret institute. They have the mission to hunt down the horrible creatures. Visually comparable to the classic figure of an authentic sheriff, the protagonist of Evil West for Macbook is one of the agents who annihilated most vampires, in order to save the United States. He will have to make his way among the terrifying creatures of the night and literally become the superhero of a seemingly doomed Far West.

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To achieve this, the main character of Evil West Mac OS X will have access to a truly remarkable and respectable arsenal. In the midst of any struggle, this arsenal will allow users to quickly move from one tool of death to another and adapt to the situation. However, depending on the nature of the enemy it is facing, it can use, for example, a flamethrower to create a circle of fire around it. Thus, it will keep away the surrounding monsters and then annihilate them one by one using metal claws like those of the famous Wolverine.

Evil West Mac OS X

With the leather clothing and shiny weapons he wears, the protagonist conveys an aggressiveness that fits well into the themes and dark colors of the title. The action game for Mac Evil West Mac OS X mixes the figure of the classic Sheriff of Far West with the myth of Van Helsing. You can become the protagonist of this game yourself by downloading it from the button below!

Evil West
-macOS Sys Req –

  • OS: macOS 10.13
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/Radeon RX 480. (tested&running on both M1 and M2 chips)
  • HDD: 36 GB
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